Untitled design-5When studying attracting marketing, one of the first things you learn is that successful marketing is built on developing a relationship with the prospect.

If you want someone to purchase a product, you don’t start with immediately trying to get them to purchase product from you.

Starting off with an in your face approach will turn them off.   You will have lost the opportunity to ever make a sale.  You can’t sell something to someone if you don’t have a relationship with them.

Now there are times if the sale is only based on price that you may sell them.   But, this will only be a one time thing.

They will likely not return because someone will always be willing to give them a lower price.   If you want to sell to someone long term on a repeated basis, then you need to follow the rules of romance.

  1. First Impressions Stick
    In romance, the first time you meet someone, they will remember that for years to come.   If you really want to meet the other person, you will have difficulty being natural.  When you are nervous, it will come across in your interaction with the other person.The same rules apply to sales.If you approach the relationship like many networkers do with trying to shove your product down a prospects face, then this impression with stick.  It won’t matter at all if you actually have a good product.

    The prospect will remember the first time you tried to immediately sell them without knowing what their needs were.

    So, if you really want to sell something, then be patient.  Make a good first impression the same as if you want to romance someone that you actually have a chance with.

  2. It’s All About Feeing
    In the book, “Contagious Selling” by David Rich, the author describes the beginning of a sales relationship that is similar to a romance.   Initially with any romance that is going to be successful in the long term, there has to be some feeling.

    This means that there is at least the beginnings of a mutual attraction.Some people actually marry their best friends.   But, if there aren’t real romantic feeling for that best friend, then the relationship will not last.The same is true in a sales relationship.

    There has to be a mutual attraction “admiration” for both parties.  If the prospect doesn’t feel level of attraction to the sales person, then an initial sale will not be made.   If there is no initial sale due to a lack of feeling, then the process will stop here.

3.  Order Matters
In a romance relationship, you don’t start out the first meeting by planting a kiss on the other person’s lips.     You might end up with a slap on the face.   Even animals are a little more subtle about their intentions.

The same applies to sales relationships, you don’t start off with trying to make a sale, when the other person doesn’t even know you or know why they need your product.   If you jump ahead instead of patiently going through the steps, then you will lose the sale.

You have to follow the order.   If you follow the order, in the sales relationship dance, then you have a much better chance of making the sale.

4.   If You Have to Close, Something Went Wrong
In a real romance, the boy doesn’t have to beg the girl to marry him.   If he asks and there is a relationship built upon trust, respect and mutual admiration, then she will naturally answer with a yes.

In a sales relationship, where one party makes a recommendation to another party based upon their needs, there is a strong likelihood that they will purchase.   If you have to use closing tactics in order to persuade them to purchase, then you failed to do one step in the process.

In a real sales relationship, closing is not required.   One party will naturally want to purchase what you are recommending.

5.   It’s Never Over
A sales relationship that is built on these steps is always an ongoing relationship.   Even if there have been sales in the past, the sales person must continue to follow these steps each time through the sales process.   You can’t skip all the way to the end the second time around, just because you made a sale the first time.

In a romance, you have to continue to follow the same steps.  You can’t just say even after you are married,  “Well, we are married now so I don’t have to romance her/him anymore.”   The relationship steps are never over.

The sales process just like attraction marketing is always a work in progress.   Each time you are seeking to provide value to your prospect, you need to go through the steps.   Once a sale is made, it may not take you as long to go through the steps, but you still need future and care for the relationship just like in a marriage.

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