Untitled design-4For women and men depending on our lifestyle choices, our skin starts to show some age when we reach the end of our twenties.   If you have relatively healthy lifestyle choices then your skin should still look young.

But, once we reach the middle of our thirties, time starts to creep up on us.  For women, if they have had a few children, then their skin can start to show some of the stress.   Women more than men will start to notice this and will want to do whats necessary to reverse this cycle.

Most people who take minimal care of their skin will wonder what they need to do in order to slow the effects of time.  The thought that many people have is whether they need to apply some many different products?   And, do they really all make a difference?

If you are a person with dry skin, then you usually want to use a lotion.   A lotion provides much needed moisture.   The purpose of most face lotions is to provide added moisture to your skin.   You can also put lotion on your skin in order to protect against the sun.

Skin that is dry can often be scaly and red.   Using a lotion provides the needed moistures for the skin.   A good lotion can provide moisture for skin that is dry and scaly.

So, if a good lotion with great ingredients provides the needed moisture and has other good ingredients, then why do I need to spend money on a high quality lotion.

Well, the answer is that different skin products address different issues.   All products, even from the same skin line are not made for the same use.

So, if you like the lotion that you are using, and it is doing what is was designed to do then don’t change.


If you are like most people, you may ask, why do I need to use multiple products on my skin?   How can they each do something different for my skin?   Well, when comparing a face lotion with a face serum, these are products designed to do completely different things.Untitled design-4

A face serum is designed to give your skin a shot of extra good ingredients.   The ingredients in a serum are usually more concentrated than say in a lotion.  It is for this reason that a small bottle of serum will often cost significantly more than another face product.

Also, the serum when the ingredients are good is designed to show a difference on your face in a shorter period of time.

So,  yes there is a difference.   So make the effort to take care of your skin by using products to address different issues.   Your skin will thank you.

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Marti Norris

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