mtLLSnSDo I need a skin tightening cream for my neck region.  If you are over 40, you realize that the years have started to show.  Even if you have not abused your body with unhealthy habits like smoking and too much sun exposure, you will start to notice the years on your skin in your late 30’s and early 40’s.  The skin starts to lose it’s elastin due to time and age.  The lack of elastin causes your skin to sag.  Areas of your skin around your eyes, your mouth and your neck will now develop small fine lines.  There is nothing wrong with aging,  we just don’t want to look our real age.  The right skin tightening cream with natural ingredients will help to minimize the look of aging that will show up on your neck

An effective skin tightening cream will have ingredients like Ceramide 3O.   This ingredient helps the skin to have a tighter appearance and also promote a more youthful look.  Another great ingredient for a skin tightening cream Buddleja David Extract.  This is an extract from the Butterfly Bush that helps with promoting moisture to the skin and give it a more youthful appearance.

A product that will deliver the results you are searching for with a younger looking neck is Re-9 Advanced Age Defying Cream. With a unique blend of ingredients this product will lessen the appearance of fine lines and aging skin on your neck.  But, even better the ingredients in this product are beneficial for your skin.

So, yes there are products out there that can improve the quality of the skin on your neck,  just make sure that  what your cream you use on your neck is also good for your skin as well.  If you don’t use the right product, then your skin will look that of an elephant.

Take care,


Marti Norris