Direct SellingThere are numerous direct selling representatives on social media and the internet.  Many of them are posting pictures of products and stating how great the product is and the results that you will achieve when you use this product.  That may well be true.

But, if the person looking at those posts isn’t interested in your product, they will be turned off by how everything appears like all they want to do is sell you something.

Many direct selling representatives never take the time to find exactly what your needs are and how to meet those needs.

If you want to stand out from ALL the marketers on the internet, then what methods do you employ that will get results?

Think Like a Customer
If you were a customer looking to purchase the product that you are selling, what would make you want to buy it.  What need would you need to solve or pain to remove in order to make a customer pull out their wallet.Successful marketers and direct sellers know exactly how to think like the customer.

Just telling the customer that you NEED this product will not be enough.  The product needs to be presented in such a way that the customers thinks they can’t live without your product or service.

Also, top network marketer and trainer teaches that you need to inform potential customers that you are willing to walk away from doing business with them.

People don’t want to think that they are missing out.   This is motivating.   If you are begging them to join your company or purchase your product, then see you as always available.

What is Your Cycle of Service?
When someone comes to you as a new customer, you need to have a plan in place of how they will pass through the “cycle of service”.   The “cycle of service” is taken from the book by Karl Albrecht, the “Only Thing that Matters”.

This means that customers say yes to your product and then they proceed to the next step.   They come into your sales funnel, purchase your product, enjoy using the product and then come back to purchase more of the product.

If you know exactly what each step is, then you know how to better serve them once they enter your cycle of service.When someone comes on your website, and becomes an actual lead.   You either have them enrolled in your bootcamp or send them an informational video.   But, you need to have a next step.If you don’t, then you won’t have a business with a solid customer base.

Focus on Value so that you Provide a Different Experience
Yes.  Everyone wants to make the sale.  But, if you make your focus providing great service before and after the sale is made and continuing, then you will stand out from all the other direct selling representatives.

Many individuals are so focused on getting the sale that they forget that its all about providing a great experience and providing the prospect the necessary information so that they can make an informed buying decision.    Price is important but for the majority of consumers, it will not be the only thing.

The most important thing is to provide a valuable service and people will want to come back for more.

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