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Three Proven Ways to Grow Your Network Marketing Business, Using the Internet

We have a guest blogger today! FERNY CEBALLOS is one of my mentors & has helped me learn how to grow my business using the Internet.  If you like this post you can check out some more of Ferny’s content by clicking here. They say attending events is the key to having success is network marketing and today, but there is one particular generic event I attended this past October which was a game changer for the industry. Spending a week in Vegas for many,…

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direct sales

Another Free Way to Market your Direct Sales Business

Another free way to market your direct sales business?  Yes.  There are ways to market your business without bugging your friends to come to home parties or meeting them for coffee and then ambushing them with a presentation on your product. The best way to grow your business is to educate people online regarding your industry and products.   You do this online through your blog and through posts on social media sites.  One of those sites is Facebook. In…

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My Favorite Positive Thinking Quotes

When seeking to build and grow and grow a network marketing business,  you are going to run into many  obstacles. The obstacles will come from family and friends who think you are involved in one of those things.    How did you get drawn into thinking you could make money in one of those “pyramid schemes:” Having a list of positive thinking quotes will help you in those moments when you feel like quitting.

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