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What Four Things Do you Need on Your Home Business Blog?

The purpose of promoting your home business blog online is to generate leads. Once leads come to your page and then provide you with their contact information, the goal is to provide them with consistent value that they either purchase product from you or decide to join your business. When promoting to a potential prospect, you want to provide value.  Providing value means you give them good helpful information about a specific topic that will make their life better. Occasionally,…

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The Cost to Run a Network Marketing Business vs. a Traditional Business

How much does it cost to run a network marketing business vs a traditional business?   In this post, I will address those differences.  The answers will show why if you are considering starting a business, one is definitely easier to start and run for the long term. Cost to Run a Traditional Business 1.   Rent-You need a building to operate from unless you can operate from home.   Most office rent starts anywhere from $500 up to thousands…

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Direct sales company

What are Three Habits of a Direct Sales Company Leader?

What are the Three Habits of a Direct Sales Company Leader? Last week, I finished the book,  “It’s Your Move” by Josh Altman who is one of the stars of the Bravo TV show,  “Million Dollar Listing”.   This book provides guidelines for the requirements it takes for succeeding at work and at life. The same principles mentioned can be used to grow your direct sales company business.   From the book, I learned the following:

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What are the Steps to Follow to Reach Online Network Marketing Prospects?

  You have been posting to your FB page and providing great content on your personal blog.   One day you get a message from a lead asking for more information.Your heart skips a beat. Someone has actually reached out to you asking for more information about your generic marketing system.  Or, even better they want information about your network marketing company. So, what do you say to them?   What are the steps so that you don’t mess up…

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Wish you Knew how to Recruit for Your Online Business?

Wish you Knew how to Recruit for your Online Business? For anyone seeking to grow a network marketing business, this is one of the biggest obstacles. Even if you are seeking to grow your business offline, you will eventually want to go online because that is where you will find a steady stream of leads. You will be able to find people who are actually interested in network marketing. If you want to grow an online business, you don’t want…

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Three Reasons Network Marketing Sales May be a Scam

Three Reasons Network Marketing Sales May Be a  Scam When you tell your friends or family that you joined a network marketing sales company, the response  is usually rolled eyes or the comment, “Go get a real job.  Everyone knows those things don’t work.” Yes. it’s true that there is a very small success rate of people who make a significant income. But, in corporate America, it takes people more than ten years usually to get to a six figure…

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network marketing tips

Want to Learn the Best Network Marketing Tips

Go to Networking Events Attend any local sponsored business networking events.  This could be anything from general business networking events at local area hotels. At these events, people will always ask what you do.  You can tell them about the company that you represent.  These are specifically at network events. You can educate the other attendees, that the network marketing business format is the ultimate network. You continue to be paid for work or product that you didn’t have to…

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Want More Engagement with your Network Marketing Lead Generation?

The goal of every network marketer is to have more leads.  With leads you have people that will either purchase products or possibly decide to join your business. In order to have people purchase products, they have to like what you are saying or providing.  They then provide you  their contact information because they are looking for help. With this contact information,  you can start to engage them in a conversation about what they are actually interested in.  This type…

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How to Choose the Best Small Business Ideas for Women

How to Choose the Best Small Business Ideas for Women. This post will address that.  The recent statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor state that women comprise more than 47% of the workforce.    Of the 47% that comprise the workforce, many of these women are mothers. The majority of these mothers work because they need to contribute to the family income.  In some cases, the family could live on the salary of the father, but it would mean…

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What are Three Things Stopping Your Network Marketing Success?

Most people when they start with the goal of wanting to build a network marketing business have high hopes and dreams? What is it then that stops them from achieving those goals.   Well,  it is true that building a network marketing business is not easy work.  The work itself is easy, but doing the actual work requires tremendous discipline. Most people don’t possess that discipline.  If you want to build the business and become a leader, then you will…

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