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Four Ways to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online

You have decided that you want to join a network marketing business but have decided that the best way is build it by recruiting prospects online. You are a people person  but prefer to talk to prospects who are actually researching ways to make additional income outside of the traditional nine to five job. After doing research online, you learn that there are more than 1250 searches conducted daily online for the terms network marketing. That doesn’t even include all…

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What are the Three Types of Network Marketing Leads?

If you have  recently joined a network marketing company, there are some trainings that tell you to prospect anyone that has a pulse. They will say that everyone needs to know about the wonderful products that your company has to offer. I am with a skincare company.   So, there have been statements made that everyone has hair and skin.   So they either need the products or they likely need to earn more money and need the opportunity. Many…

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What do Well Known People Say About Network Marketing?

  If you are considering joining a network marketing company, it’s good to know what some famous people have to say about network marketing.  This will be helpful to remind yourself of when people question your judgment on joining a network marketing company.

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The Persuasion Equation that Makes Your Message Stick

I post original content on my blog site at least twice a week.   One day a week, I share the content of bloggers who have provided good training that has helped me grow my business. We have a guest blogger today!  Andrew T. Draughon is one of my mentors & has helped me learn how to grow my business using the Internet. If you like this post you can check out some more of Andrew’s content by clicking here. If you want to…

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Want to Develop the Ability to Fail Forward in Your Home Based Business?

Top leaders in network marketing companies often say,  “Growing a network marketing business is disguised as a personal development business.”  The more you develop yourself and your best qualities, then you will eventually see the growth in your business. In the book by John Maxwell, “Failing Forward”, the author describes seven qualities of a leader who knows how to fail forward.  In this post, I will explain them and what it takes to develop these traits.  ACHIEVERS REJECT REJECTION When…

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Want to be a Direct Sales Leader?

Everyone knows that in order to build a direct sales leader, you have to get people to want to be a part of your team. Well, how do you make people even realize they want to be on your team. In Inc. magazine, there is an article entitled,  “How to Make People Believe in You.” The author, Scott Harrison who is also the CEO of Charity Water, a not for profit explains the three things that you need to do…

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Who is Your Perfect Marketing Prospect?

Are you posting everyday to your blog but still trying to figure out who is your target audience?  Are you trying to build a list online so that you can eventually market to them and then grow your network marketing business? If growing your business is your ultimate goal, then you must first determine who is your target market? WHO IS YOUR TARGET MARKET Not everyone is a target for your network marketing company.   Some network marketing team leaders…

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Wondering if You Should Direct your Network Marketing Efforts Towards Women?

Wondering if you should direct your network marketing efforts towards women?   If you look at the methods using by large ad agencies, they like to say that women and men aren’t really different. But, this is in fact not really the truth.   There is a difference in how men and women make buying decisions.  If you learn how they are different, then you will reap the reward. Here are some reasons to learn the differences and learn to…

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Three Cold Calling Methods that Hurt Your Business

If you are seeking to grow a network marketing business, you will eventually run out of the standard sources of leads that most new network marketers are told about.   In an effort to get their business opportunity in front of more people, they will resort to cold calling.  They tell themselves that this is a numbers game, so eventually someone is going to say, “Yes” to my opportunity.

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What are the Reasons to Spend More on Cosmetics?

There are a wide variety of cosmetics available.   You can purchase them at the dime/dollar store or you can spend a lot more purchasing them at the department store or at the spa. What are the Reasons to Spend More on Cosmetics? This post will explain why spending more on your skin is worth it in the long run…..

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