autoresponderThis post will describe “tricks” that you can use when writing your autoresponders that will help you draw more online leads.

An autoresponder is an email message that you prepare and send to prospects who have subscribed to your lead magnet.

First of all, I need to give credit to David Garfinkel.  I learned this term,  “Stupid Autoresponder Tricks” after listening to one of his trainings at “Elite Marketing Pro” where i am a member.

If you have never written an autoresponder, then you need to follow these recommendations.   Just do something.  With more practice, you will notice that you are developing the skills needed to write a great autoresponder series.

So, when you write an autoresponder series, follow these seven steps to write an effective autoresponder.

Stay on Topic
Don’t go off topic when writing your autoresponder.   People subscribed to your autoresponder because they wanted to hear training about a specific area.

In my case, the area of interest is network marketing, so I shouldn’t start talking about my chihuahua, Tahoe-the cutest dog in the world-, if I want to keep their interest.   It will sound like you are just rambling and they will unsubscribe.

Use Humor
Use Humor to talk about your industry or maybe your specific product.  In my case, I could talk and poke fun out at the silly things that network marketers do in order to get people to join their business.  This is maybe one of the reasons that people still roll their eyes or laugh when you tell them that you joined a network marketing business.

Don’t do Hardball Sales
The purpose of an autoresponder is to educate, not do hardball sales.  Of course, we all want to sell products.  But, you will never succeed by trying to shove stuff down peoples throats.   It just won’t work that way and it’s not sustainable for the long term.

Instead of doing hardball sales, give the prospect something of value and provide information about a topic that they are interested in.

Being Boring
This one is self exploratory.  If you want to be an engaging writer or speaker, then you have to be interesting.  If you are boring, then people will tune out.  There are plenty of other people out there talking  in the online world that they can listen to.

Not Engaging
This is along the same lines as “Being Boring”.   You have to be an interesting writer, provide interesting and different content.   Being engaging means that your readers will want to read to the next line of your autoresponder and keep moving down the length of your email.  It would be the same as someone who writes a page-turning book.

If you want to be an engaging writer, then learn to be creative by reading a variety of books.   Each day, write down a statement summarizing what you have learned that day.  The longer you do this, the more engaging you will become.

Don’t Push Without Value
The truth is we all want to hopefully sell our training and then product.  But, you can’t start out your autoresponder trying to push them to buy your product.   The result will be a “click”.  It won’t be a click on your product button, they will be clicking to get out your email.

More than anything provide good information either about the industry or about the product.   This will keep them interested.  When your are done providing value, then you can give a button for purchasing product.  The main thing is to provide value.

The more consistent you are with doing this, then you will  begin to see the buyers.

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