Untitled design-4If you are like most women, you are always looking for ways to improve the quality and appearance of your skin.   And, you aren’t looking for a system that requires multiple steps.   Most people aren’t that patient in their skin care routine.

And, this is because most of us are busy and would rather spend our time doing something else

Here are three skin care tips that have helped me to not look my age of 47.  I don’t take a lot of time with my skin care routine but I do follow a routine.

Most people don’t drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day.   But, they may drink enough liquid in other forms.   Sugary drinks don’t count when trying to reach your eight glasses of water day.  Another way to measure it is that you should drink up to half your body weight in ounces of water.   If you know that you can’t reach the eight glasses of water a day, then try to get at least close to half.

Also, one of the good things about hydrating is that the more water you drink, sometimes you are less hungry.   So, that is an added side benefit.

Use Good Skin Care Products
I have been using a good skin care line for more than eight years now.   I switched to this product line mostly by accident.   This product line was responsible for clearing up my adult acne.   Nothing else had worked.   Even doing everything that the Dermatologist told me to do.   I still had cystic acne.

Now that my skin has cleared up,  I wouldn’t use anything else.   Their products not only work but the ingredients are good for your skin.   The results on my face tell the difference.

So, use good skin care products.   Especially when you are getting older and want to hopefully not look your age.  Its worth it to spend the extra money on your skin.   Every one is always getting older but you don’t want to look it.

If you are concerned about you put in your body, you need to do the same for your skin.

Apply Sunscreen to Your Face
If you are like most women, you don’t want a lot of extra steps in your skin care routine.   But, this is one that I always follow.   Make sure to use a cover up that has an SPF.   I use a toner that has an SPF and  I also use a base that has SPF.  So, my skin is protected.

As someone who is sensitive to the sun, I have always been somewhat careful to apply sunscreen so as to avoid getting burnt.   Well, your face is one of the most vulnerable areas of your body.   So, you need to always protect it.

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Marti Norris

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