Home based businessAre you looking for help for online marketing of your MLM?  On any given day when I scroll down my FB® page, I will see making posts about how great their “business opportunity” is.
Well, it may be true that your business opportunity has great products.  But, are they in the minds of your customer a  fit for their specific problem?
In the copywriting system that I purchased, David Garfinkel and Tim Erway taught me the following three things when marketing online:
Will the Product Increase Pleasure?
If the product that you are marketing online doesn’t increase pleasure, then most consumers will not purchase the product unless they have to for medical reasons.  Another reason people purchase products is because they are required to by law.  Following the law is not usually something that people do for pleasure, its to avoid pain.
There are a wide variety of products that increase pleasure.  If the product is makeup or health and wellness item, then you are solving  a specific problem of of a consumer and that makes them happy.  You have increased their pleasure.  They like that they feel better or look better.
Make sure that you tell them exactly how they will feel when the product increases pleasure.
Will the Product Save Time?
In the western world, most people are looking for ways to save time.  Especially in the dual income houses where there are children, people live hectic lives.   So, if your MLM product is something that will do that, then there is a good chance that people will be interested  in it eventually.
If your product will not give the buyer more time to do things they enjoy, then it will be a hard sell.
In the developing world, these are products that people will also purchase if they have the funds.  If a product comes that makes their daily tasks less time consuming, then you have a buyer.  But, in these cultures, funds will be more of an obstacle.
Does it Save Effort?
Saving effort is pretty close to saving time.  Many people live somewhat hectic lives.  If the  MLM product that you are selling will cut down on the amount of effort that they need to exert, then you usually have a buyer.
Most consumers of varying economic levels will buy a product for one of the above reasons.  There are actually seven,  the other four were addressed in the previous post.  If your product fulfills one of those needs, then you will likely have a consumer.
Remember also, that many buying purchases have to do with timing.  Your product may fulfill one of these needs but the time has to also be right.
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