network marketing businessYou decided to join a network marketing business.   After attending some of the training sessions, you decided that you want to promote online and not do the bug your friends and family.

Well, that’s great.   But, where do you start?  There are so many voices on line.   If you are brand new to building your business online,  here are three tips that will help you get started going in the right direction.

Have a Website
When promoting your opportunity online, you need to have a place that is your own piece of real estate.   Maybe you are saying that “Oh, I have a company website where I sell products.”   Well, how are you going to get people to your website?  There are plenty of other product websites from other representatives from your company.

If you think about it, there isn’t anything about your company website that makes it any different from other sites of representatives.   Why wouldn’t they just buy from another representative instead of you?

You need to have a website that is uniquely you.   It should have a welcome video and biographic information about you.  You can come up with a name for your website that explains what you are seeking to promote.  In my case, I chose to have my name as my website because it is unique to me.   There are definitely other people with my name but they most likely are not promoting network marketing.

You can register your website with   Then once you create your account, you are on your way to starting your blog.

Hire Help
Hire someone to help you build your website.   You don’t need to take a coding class to figure out how to create a site.  There are qualified people that will help you build a site for less than a $1,000, actually less than $500.   I had spent money on sites like formerly but didn’t get the results that I really wanted till recently.   Check out   Michael Brooks will help you build a great site for a reasonable price.  And, he makes awesome instructional videos.   And, even better he responds almost instantly to your messages.

You can’t do everything.  You need to hire help and there are plenty of qualified people who can help you without breaking your bank.

Don’t Promote your Opportunity
When making posts, it’s best to make posts about your industry.   You want at all times to educate potential customers.   Posts should not be about telling customers that you are having a sale on product.  Its always about providing information so that they can make an informed decision.

If you are with a health and wellness company, then provide specific information about product ingredients and why they are helpful.  You should also promote information about network marketing because there are people who will be interested in building a business as well.

If you are with a company that sells a professional service that will help the consumer save money, do a post on why having your product could potentially save a person thousands of dollars if they have to hire a lawyer.  ( I know from experience that having to hire a lawyer can be a very costly thing.)

This means answer questions that people have about your industry.   These don’t have to be questions that people have asked you directly.   These can be questions that people are usually thinking.   Be a source of information about the industry.   Provide answers that help to clarify people’s thoughts.   Most people know about this industry but their first thoughts are generally negative.

Answer their questions and when they are ready to purchase product or join, then you will be the person that they seek out.10-day-boot-camp-end-of-article