network marketing businessAre there any Good Reasons to Join a Network Marketing Business?

You may ask yourself this when you hear that friends who have college degrees or even masters and professional degrees have joined a network marketing company.   Your thought,

I can’t believe they fell for that scam.  What are they doing that for when they have an advanced degree?  Can’t they get a real job?

Well, the fact is that most people have realized that after years in corporate America, it’s not all it’s made out to be and they honestly wish they had more choices.

So, if you are thinking about joining a network marketing company, here are some of the reasons other professional’s gave when they joined.

Tired of Relocating for New Positions
Anyone who has climbed the corporate ladder will tell you that their climb usually involved some relocating of their family.

Now, it’s true that large corporation usually offer a generous benefits package to individuals and their families who are agreeing to relocate.

But, if the relocation comes when the kids are teenagers, then most parents will tell you that this is not something they want to do to their child.

Joining a network marketing company and growing a business offers you choices that corporate America just doesn’t provide.  Once you start to develop and income stream, it will just continually grow when you work at it.

But, there will come a time when your income will increase overnight and it won’t be because of work that you individually generated.  It will be the work of others.

In corporate America,  you get paid for the work that you generate, not for the work of others.

Behind in Your Retirement Goals
The goal of most individuals in corporate America is to be able to retire comfortably in their early to mid 60”s.   But, if you ask the average middle Manager or even higher level executive if they are on target for retirement, they will likely answer, “No.”

Most individuals in corporate America are concerned with watching the value of their 401K go up and down.  And, they assume that when they retire, their standard of living will go down.Another concern is whether they will outlive their 401 K and whether it will provide sufficient income for them.

Those individuals who are serious about meeting their retirement goals will look at network marketing.  It’s a way to build an income stream even in your retirement years or in the years before your retirement.

I live in the greater metro Atlanta area.  We have some of the worst traffic in the country.   Average commutes for many individuals is between 1-2 hours a day each way.

So, if you have a nine hour work day and then fight traffic for another 3-4 hours a day. Your average work day is 13 hours.  The commute along with the long work days is another reason that many individuals from corporate America consider network marketing.

Income Stagnation
If you examine the incomes of most individuals in corporate America, their wages are stagnant.   Only a very small percentage at the very top have seen any real increases.

And, for the average American, the most expensive costs keep rising, housing and schooling.Even if you have a good salary, it’s difficult to properly save for the future and provide for your family without a constant juggling act.  Individuals who are open to other income streams and looking for a change will join a network marketing company.

Would like to Work in Non-Profit
If you ask the average person in corporate America, if they think their individual job is very rewarding, the answer that you would hear quite often is, “no”.

By joining a network marketing company, individuals have been able to do the current profession but only because they loved it, not because of the money.

If you are in the medical, legal or counseling profession, there are so many individuals who need services but don’t have the means to pay for them.

Creating an income in network marketing allows qualified individuals more choices in their professional life because they aren’t as concerned about the money.

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