Maybe you are thinking of changing the type of makeup and skincare products that you currently use.   You would rather go with a product that is organic  or natural.   But, is it really worth it to spend the money and are they better than what you purchase in the drug store or the department store?


Natural beauty products are those made from things that occur in nature and have not been produced in a laboratory.  In order for a product to be considered natural, it does not have to be grown in natural conditions.   The product can originate in nature and then produced in a laboratory.   Also, a natural product is one that is grown in nature but pesticides and chemicals are used to prevent it from spoilage.

So, a beauty product made with extracts from a fruit or a plant where pesticides are used is natural but it is not organic.  A product can still be considered natural by have genetically modified ingredients in it.

This is a product in nature that is grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals.   Also, when it is added to the beauty product, it is not genetically modified in any way.  An ingredient can be considered natural but not organic because it was not completely grown in nature without any modification.

Also,  products that are truly organic will cost more because of the time and expense it takes to care for them and bring them to market without the use of any chemicals.

Natural vs. Non-Natural
Now, some cosmetics will contain products that are not grown in nature or do not originate from nature.   natural cosmeticsThese are not considered natural cosmetics.   Most cosmetics contain ingredients that are used in other products that are not related to skin care.  Even though these cosmetics are non-natural, they are still considered safe to market by the government.

If you would examine the ingredients in the non-natural cosmetic brands, you might think again about using those cosmetics.   Especially since you are rubbing those products onto your skin, which is the bodies largest organ.

You can use natural cosmetics with safer ingredients.   But, any of these companies product developers will tell you that you can’t really have a cosmetic product that is completely organic.   If you want to use a cosmetic product for some months, then you will need to put ingredients along with the natural ingredients that will help to preserve the shelf life of the cosmetic.

Anything that is completely organic will start to spoil within a matter of a few hours.   It is just how nature works, things can start to break down very quickly when left in their natural state.  Maybe you only want to rub natural things on your face but you will have to combine them with other ingredients so that they are usable for some time.

So, yes.   Purchase cosmetic with natural safe ingredients   Even purchase cosmetics with organic ingredients.   But, even these products cannot be completely organic.   They have to be combined with other ingredients in order to preserve the shelf life and marketability.

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