Are you looking for a great Christmas gift, I suggest the Arbonne Citrus and Shine Holiday Gift Set.   This is gift for someone who is extra special.   The set comes with the Arbonne Citrus Scrub, Arbonne Shower Gel and the Arbonne Body Butter.  It also comes in a great gift box and so it’s easy to wrap.

In my day job, I run my spouses small business, write the blog, file, run errands, billing, and scheduling and go on appointments.  We service several commercial swimming pools in the greater Atlanta area.

Last year, I gave two of the property managers at one nfbJ5Akof our commercial swimming pool accounts,  Arbonne Holiday Citrus and Shine Holiday Gift Set as a thank you present.  Neither of them had heard of Arbonne and loved the presents.  I also donated a set to a local charity auction.   I do whatever I can to get the Arbonne name out there so that people will here about the products.  If they are exposed to the products, then that can possibly give me an open door to talk to them about the business.

I also have used the Arbonne Citrus Scrub and one of the reasons, I love it is because of the ingredients.  I know that what I am putting on my skin is  only the best.  This scrub includes extracts from oranges as well as essential oils just to name a few.

There will always be some chemicals needed to make all skin care products but Arbonne’s products are going to be in my opinion the safest out there so I feel good putting that on my skin.  The Arbonne Citrus and Shine Holiday Gift Set will always be one of my favorites.

Marti Norris

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