pexels-photo-296282Another free way to market your direct sales business?  Yes.  There are ways to market your business without bugging your friends to come to home parties or meeting them for coffee and then ambushing them with a presentation on your product.

The best way to grow your business is to educate people online regarding your industry and products.   You do this online through your blog and through posts on social media sites.  One of those sites is Facebook.

In a recent training from online marketer, Lawrence Tam.  I learned that if you want to increase your traffic and attract more leads for your direct sales business, you need to provide people on social media with good information about the industry or help them solve problems.

This doesn’t mean that you keep posting things about making money or promoting your business.  Your promote in an indirect manner.  If you want to see more traffic and eventually grow your business on Facebook, do the following:

  •  Promote on a Consistent Basis
    This means that you regularly post.  I post new content at least three times a week.  I”m trying to work up to more but I want to make sure that what I am providing is quality, not just quantity.If you want to attract leads, you can’t expect anything to happen if you don’t post on a consistent basis.
  • Post at the Same Time Each Time
    Schedule your posts for a specific time of day.  You should make sure that the posts show up when the most people are on Facebook.That will help to ensure that more people see your post.If you put new content up in the middle of the night, most people aren’t looking at their feed at midnight.  The best time to post is usually between 7-6.
  • Post Good Content and Post Often Enough
    If you are only posting once every ten days, then that is not enough for people to be expecting your content.  You need to do it at least once a week, if not more.
    Posting more than once a day is not wrong either, as long as what you are posting is helpful and not pushing products for people to sell.   I post twice a day on social media and several times a week on my blog. 

    Yes, it is a challenge to keep providing good content, but the more you do it, the easier it will become.

    You come up with good content, by continually stretching your mind through reading a wide variety of books.   You share what you learned in each book.  This even means that you can reach nonfiction books.   Taking notes on those books, helps to keep your creative juices flowing.

    Your content needs to solve a problem or alleviate something.   Do any of these things well, and you will get the customers eventually that you are looking for.For more information and help to grow your business.

    If you are wondering, how on earth will I come up with something good everyday to post, don’t worry.   The words will come.  When I made the commitment to start posting more than once a day, the words came to me.

    There is a wide variety of options that you have for posting.   You don’t just have to put up new blog posts everyday.If you found value, please make sure to comment below.

    If you found value, please make sure to comment below.


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