14150893-bottles-of-health-and-beauty-productsIf you are looking for a good Natural Hair Conditioner, I would recommend that you consider an Arbonne® natural hair conditioner’s.   I had previously used the  Arbonne® Intelligence Tea Tree Conditioner but they stopped carrying that in a conditioner.  It is only carried in the shampoo. (My husband will tell me that he thinks the tea tree shampoo is the best of any tea tree shampoo that he has tried.  He isn’t a fan of network marketing but he likes this product from Arbonne®).

Arbonne® has the FC5 line with a product called Nourishing Daily Conditioner.   The product is reasonably priced for a good natural hair conditioner.  (If you are an Arbonne consultant like me, then you get a 35% discount on the product.  You can’t beat that for a good price.)  I have a lot of hair-thankfully.  But, I have found this conditioner to not weight my hair down.  This natural hair conditioner like all Arbonne® products is “pure, safe and beneficial”® for your hair.  What you are nourishing your hair is not only good for your hair, the products you are putting on your hair are good for your scalp and your skin.  The FC5 Nourishing Daily Conditioner contains biotin and wheat which are both nourishing agents for the hair and scalp.

I am sure that there are other natural hair conditioners out there on the market that are good and also not tested on animals.  But, the difference with an Arbonne® product is that everything put on your skin and in their product is  only the safest ingredients.  On top of that, their products when shared with other individuals who are looking for changes in their life have the ability to improve your finances, the quality of your life and those who decide to do the same.

Take care,