Growing a Network Marketing costs money

Growing a network marketing requires some funds.   It doesn’t cost money to go after your friends and family, but it could harm your relationships.  So, where do you find leads?

You find them online.  But, in order to really grow online, you need funds to advertise.  It it a learning process that takes time.  You have to blog, advertise on social media.  You need to come up with content that people read and want to subscribe to.

It doesn’t happen overnight.  It is a long process.  But, there is something free that you can do that will help you eventually grow your business.

If you really desire success in network marketing, then you must examine and look at yourself to see if you lack self discipline in one or more areas of your life.  If you practice self discipline in your life, then it will eventually show up in your business.

Self discipline is important because of the following benefits:

If you are Disciplined with Yourself, your Self-Respect Increases.
When you are trying to stop bad habits, each day that you stop a bad habit, you will feel better about yourself.

When you daily discipline yourself, and take it one day at a time, then you realize that you went several days and didn’t do your bad habit.   After a week, you may be tempted to cheat, but if you continue on with not doing this bad habit, then you will feel even better about yourself.

Self respect is a good thing to a certain extent.  You just want to make sure that your self respect doesn’t turn into self righteousness.   You are stopping these bad habits for you, not for anyone else.

Your Self-Confidence will Increase
If you are more disciplined in all areas of your life, then your confidence will develop about your ability to change other areas of your life where you struggle. You will naturally feel confident about asking people about your business, asking about the sale and approaching people about your business.

When you are self confident, then the negative feedback that you will receive, won’t affect you as much.  You will be more confident to actually ask for things.

You will Develop an Attractive Energy of Confidence
When you have self confidence, it changes the way that you carry yourself.  A natural by-product is that you are more confident about life.   This naturally attracts people.

Self Discipline will help you Develop Momentum in your Business
When you start getting positive feedback, this naturally causes you to continue doing more of what brought these results in the first place.    This consistent hard work brings the added momentum needed in your business.

After time, the momentum naturally brings about a growth in your business and ultimately in your bank account.

Self discipline is a Skill/Habit that will Spread to all other Areas of your Life
My personal story on discipline is one of struggle.  I recently after struggling with this issue, I have finally stopped biting my fingernails.  I did this because I finally decided that I did not want to go through my 40’s dealing with with being a fingernail biter.

Yes, the temptation is always going to be there but I no longer have to be ashamed  when I put my hands on a counter.  I will always struggle with this issue and be a recovering nail biter but I know that I can reach goals in other areas of my life.

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