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As a partner in a small family business during the day, I understand that having a small business means the business owns you. I am working to help educate other network marketers and also those looking at the network marketing industry. I also want to educate others on the ingredients in their skin care and makeup.

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No longer will you have chase after friends and family with your business opportunity. In my Marketing Blog you will learn the art of Attraction Marketing.

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Two Reasons Give Aways Work to Build Your MLM

You have decided to build your MLM business online.   Perhaps you are thinking why do I need to give away something to encourage someone to join my network marketing business.   Well, the answer is, the more value that you provide a potential prospect with, the deeper you are planting the seed that will eventually result in them joining your business. Here are two reasons to give away something: You Have Their Contact Information In order to get the…

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The 5-Step Formula to Compel Your Prospects to Take Action (…Without Being Pushy, ‘Salesy,’ or Obnoxiously Aggressive)

Today’s post is by one of my mentor’s at Elite Marketing Pro, Vitaly Grinblat.  Vitaly is an awesome blogger and always provides great value in the content that he provides. Most people think to win in sales you gotta be pushy and aggressive. In fact, when I got started in direct sales, I was told over and over again… “You’re not going to succeed because you’re not aggressive enough!” Spoiler alert: they were wrong. I went on to have a…

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How Much Does Elite Marketing Pro Cost?

If you are in the network marketing space, you may have seen posts and links about a company called Elite Marketing Pro.   If you opened your email, you might have wondered, “What exactly does this company do? Well, let me explain.   On their website, it states,  “Empowering Today’s Network Marketer with Digital Strategies to Create the Ultimate Lifestyle Business.” The purpose of Elite Marketing Pro is to support network marketers and affialiate marketers to grow residual income through their…

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How Many People Succeed in MLM Business?

How many people succeed in MLM business?  You didn’t join one of those pyramid schemes did you? Well, despite what people say about MLM businesses.  People keep joining them. In my neighborhood of only 55 homes, there are at least four different network marketing companies represented.  I know because they keep posting about them on their Facebook® page. So, what are the true statistics of people who succeed in this business? Well, the most recent statistics show that 3% of…

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What Are Three Things to Know About Network Marketing Sales

Are you thinking of joining a network marketing sales company?   Maybe your impression is that this is only something that women do.  They sell makeup and have home parties where they sell cookware and candles. If this is something you are considering, then you need to know some facts before deciding which company to join. Most individuals involved in direct selling are women. More than 60 percent of individuals involved in the direct selling industry are women.  (The current figures…

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What are Four Successful Character Qualities of a Leader?

Do you want to be a successful leader in network marketing? If you are reading this blog, then your answer is most likely yes. Real leaders who want to be successful in long term learn to avoid qualities that would not draw people to them. These are four qualities that I have learned from reading leadership books on how to attract people to you and your organization. 1.  Not Selfish If you think everything is about your needs, desires and…

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Want to Learn to Use Twitter to Grow your MLM business?

Do you want to learn to use Twitter to Grow your MLM business.  If you are like most network marketers out there, you will go through your friends and family list very quickly. If you are like me, you don’t even want to make the list of your friends and family. So, how does one build a downline for their network marketing business.  Well, one of the best ways is to learn to grow your cold market.  You do this…

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Should I Attend Network Marketing Company Events?

Should I attend Network Marketing Company Events?   Is it really worth spending the time and money to fly somewhere and stay in a hotel?  Can’t you just learn online about the company products and opportunity? Yes, that is true.   You can learn online.    But, if you want to learn and experience the company culture, then you need to attend a company event. I finally attended an even in Las Vegas for my network marketing company.  It was worth…

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Is Network Marketing a Legitimate Business?

Today’s post is written by one of my mentors at Elite Marketing Pro, J.T. Debolt.   A As a member of Elite Marketing Pro, I get access to the best training to help my business grow. Is Network Marketing a Legitimate Business? Written by J.T. DEBOLT | Filed under ATTRACTION MARKETING Let’s discuss a question you’ll inevitably get asked… Is network marketing a legitimate business? If you haven’t heard this one already, get ready. Maybe it’ll come from a family member, spouse,…

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Should you Blog to Grow your Network Marketing Business?

Should you Blog to Grow Your Network Marketing Business.   If you are wondering.   The answer is yes. Maybe you have been in your network marketing company for some time.   Possibly, you have already ranked advanced.   You may be thinking, why can’t I just prospect people? Let me ask you an honest question,  how many people are you prospecting everyday?   Are you prospecting at least 5-10 people a day.   Because if you want to see…

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